A rehabilitative program for women returning to exercise following childbirth

MAMA [RE]CONNECT is an 8-week group rehabilitation program for post-partum women looking to return to exercise safely.

Designed by two physiotherapists using the latest evidence:

Katie Kelly, PT
Eryn Matheson, PT

This program is designed specifically for women with: pelvic floor, diastasis recti, or back & pelvic pain concerns.

Every program is individualized and based on a full physiotherapy assessment.

Babies are welcome and we are a breast feeding friendly space.

Covered by most insurance plans, however individual plans may vary.


Bringing a baby into the world is no easy task. We know that exercise is important for overall health, but sometimes there are issues after childbirth that make it difficult to return to exercise. Things like abdominal separation (diastasis recti), urinary leakage, pelvic organ prolapse or low back and pelvic girdle pain.

This program is a rehabilitation program designed with those concerns in mind. Each participant is required to undergo a private initial physiotherapy assessment. For more information see here. This helps to identify any health concerns that are specific to you, so that we can help guide you through our 8-week program with individualized care.

This program is open to any woman who is in the post-partum period and struggling with returning to exercise. It helps to serve as a stepping stone to getting you back to the exercise that you miss!

Because this is a rehabilitation program, it is possible to be billed to insurance. We advise you to check with your provider as not all providers cover group rehabilitation and each insurance policy is different. Some policies require a referral from a physician before physiotherapy coverage is granted.

You will be required to register and pay for the full 8 weeks at the beginning of the semester (so that we can hold your spot for all the classes), and then when you attend your class you’ll get a receipt that can be submitted to your insurance company. We cannot provide direct billing for this program or guarantee insurance coverage. If you do not attend the class, we cannot issue to the receipt. If for some reason you cannot attend a class, then it is possible that you can make up one class at the end of the semester.

We are hoping that these classes can help those who might need pelvic health care but want to stretch their dollar farther, or for those who prefer a group or class environment for recovery.  After all – it’s sometimes therapeutic to hang out with some other mamas during the post-partum phase.

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment: $130

8 x 45 minutes Group Physiotherapy Mama [Re]Connect Classes: $200

Next Start Date:

10 am Monday September 10th – November 5th (No class Thanksgiving Monday, October 8th)

Missed a class? One make-up class will be held Monday, November 19th 10am

For more information:

Call: (506) 830-6600
Email: [email protected]

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