Feeling prickly? It’s the summer, so bikini line hair removal is on our minds a bit more. Does it matter how we de-fuzz our pubic area?

Removing pubic hair isn’t without risk. Hot wax can burn (ouch!), razors can nick (eek!), ingrown hairs can become infected (yuck)- and you do NOT want a skin infection, down there, especially when wearing a swimsuit.

A study about pubic hair removal (yes they exist; DeMaria et al, 2014) report that 87% of women sampled remove some amount of pubic hair, and that 60% had experienced at least 1 health complication because of it. But only 4% had seen a health care provider for a complication and only 4% discussed safe hair removal practices with their doctor.

As a clinician I discuss hair removal often, especially for those with sensitive skin and genital pain conditions. Some patients find hair removal too painful, while other find that the hair itself to be more irritating.

You should feel comfortable discussing hair removal with your appropriate practitioner. And remember to give some thought to how you groom this swimsuit season!

Katie Kelly, Physiotherapist

BSc., MSc. PT