Feeling Split? What a PT Student Learned About Diastasis

Diastasis recti, or abdominal separation, is something that we see a lot when working with Moms. So often, that it serves as a great teaching tool for physiotherapy students! Read below, for what my lovely PT student Danielle learned about this condition over the summer.  Diastasis. Recti. These are two words that strike fear into [...]

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C-Section Massage Techniques

I get asked a lot about C-section scars. And yes - I think that some women need to have their C-sections rehabilitated. See here for my thoughts on that. But this post is to demonstrate some of the basic myofascial, or massage-like techniques that I use to help get a C-section scar moving better.

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The Panic of Prolapse

Have you ever felt a heaviness or feeling of “falling out” coming from the vaginal opening? Sometimes you can feel or even see something that shouldn’t be there? When women become aware that they have a pelvic organ prolapse it can be very worrisome. I get many panicked emails asking what the diagnosis means, what [...]

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Tales of a Physio Student

If you asked me before I started PT school if I would be interested in pelvic floor physiotherapy, I probably would have looked at you funny because I didn’t even know it existed. I always thought I would get into the sports world and work in strictly orthopedics. It wasn’t until I realized that many women and men can’t compete, let alone participate in physical activity, because of urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction.

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Why We Should Pay Attention to C-section Scars

A ceserean section delivery is no walk in the park. Even a well healed, really good scar is, well....scar tissue. It can affect how you use your core muscles, your spine and hip flexibility, your posture and your pelvic floor muscles. In my opinion, it should be rehabilitated.

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Urgency Emergency: Bladder Training 101

Do you find yourself running to the toilet too many times a day? When you get the urge to go, do you have to go, like, NOW!? Here are some tips to get control of that bladder.

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Returning to Exercise After Pregnancy

After having a baby, I'm a huge supporter of returning to activity slowly, progressively and when your body is ready. But don't take my word for it. Meet Amy! Read about her journey of post-pregnancy return to exercise.

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Recovering from Pregnancy

A lot happens to the body during pregnancy and delivery. I don’t care which way that baby comes out, there is healing that needs to happen!

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When Kegel Exercises Do More Harm than Good

Women everywhere seem to be well aware of a kegel exercise. But what if you already have tight pelvic floor muscles? For this group of people, performing unnecessary kegel exercises can create or worsen problems.

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