The Pains of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing time. The female body undergoes some wondrous changes in order to grow a baby and prepare for delivery. However, all of these changes can lead to discomfort and sometimes, downright pain. There are so many varieties of pregnancy related pains that it can be hard to keep them straight. Here is a list and short description of some of the most common.

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When Kegel Exercises Do More Harm than Good

Women everywhere seem to be well aware of a kegel exercise. But what if you already have tight pelvic floor muscles? For this group of people, performing unnecessary kegel exercises can create or worsen problems.

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Pregnancy and Running    

I am often asked, can I run while pregnant? For a pelvic floor physiotherapist that can be a very loaded question. Firstly, the health of the growing baby and mother are of utmost importance...

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